Recovering from Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

How the Church Needs to Rediscover Her Purpose

This book dismantles every mistruth that you’ve heard about the role of women in the Bible, her place in the church, and the patriarchal lie of so-called “biblical manhood and womanhood.” In its place, Aimee Byrd details a truly biblical vision of women as equal partners in Christ’s church and kingdom.

The church is the school of Christ, commissioned to discipleship. The responsibility of every believer—men and women together—is being active and equal participants in and witnesses to the faith. And yet many women are trying to figure out what their place is in the church, fighting to have their voices heard and filled with questions:

  • Do men and women benefit equally from God’s word?
  • Are we equally responsible in sharpening one another in the faith and passing it down to the next generation?
  • Do we really need men’s Bibles and women’s Bibles, or can the one Holy Bible guide us all?

The answers lie neither with radical feminists, who claim that the Bible is hopelessly patriarchal, nor with the defenders of “biblical manhood,” whose understanding of Scripture is captive to the culture they claim to distance themselves from.

Recovering from Biblical Manhood and Womanhood presents a more biblical account of gender, marriage, and ministry. It explores the feminine voice in Scripture as synergistic with the dominant male voice. It fortifies churches in a biblical understanding of brotherhood and sisterhood in God’s household and the necessity of learning from one another in studying God’s word.

Until both men and women grow in their understanding of their relationship to Scripture, there will continue to be tension between the sexes in the church. Church leaders can be engaged in thoughtful critique of the biblical manhood and womanhood movement, the effects it has on their congregation, and the homage it ironically pays to the culture of individualism that works against church, family, and a Christ-like vision of community.

Video Study

Session Titles and Runtimes:

1 – Introduction: The Church’s Yellow Wallpaper (20 min)

2 – Why Men and Women Don’t Read Separate Bibles (17 min)

3 – Why Not the Book of Boaz? (21 min)

4 – Girls Interrupted (19 min)

5 – Why Our Aim Is Not Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (19 min)

6 – What Church Is For (19 min)

7 – The Great Divorce That You Didn’t See Coming (21 min)

8 – Is This the Way It Was Supposed to Be? (17 min)

9 – When Paul Passes Phoebe the Baton (15 min)

“We’re confused by the disagreements, constricted by the “rules,” and seemingly helpless to discern what’s true. This is why Aimee Byrd’s book is so important. Wading through the cultural murkiness, Byrd returns us to the Scriptures with theological rigor.”

—Jen Pollock Michel, Award-winning author of Surprised by Paradox and Keeping Place

“With a deep reverence for Scripture and a sincere search for truth, Aimee Byrd peels back the layers of culturally informed teachings on gender that keep both women and men from flourishing in Christ and in relationship with each other.

—Katelyn Beaty, author of A Woman’s Place