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Author of The Hope in Our Scars, The Sexual Reformation, Recovering from Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, and more; speaker; thinker; saunterer…

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Aimee Byrd is a former coffee cafe owner who now uses her conversational barista skills as a writer and speaker. Her latest books blend contemplative thought with biblical theology. She lives in her hometown in Frederick, MD with her husband, Matt, and three young adult children who are in and out of the house. 

Aimee is the author of The Hope in Our Scars, The Sexual Reformation, Recovering from Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, Why Can’t We Be Friends?, No Little Women, Theological Fitness, and Housewife Theologian. She is a former cohost of Mortification of Spin podcast for the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, and currently cohost of Birds of a Feather YouTube cast with Mike Bird. Aime has articles published in Table Talk, Modern Reformation, First Things, By Faith, New Horizons, Ordained Servant, Common Good, Harvest USA, Credo Magazine, and was interviewed and quoted in Christianity Today and The Atlantic.

Looking for the beauty and wonder in theology—learning about God—and spiritual formation, Aimee writes about the things she hoped to talk about in church. In this quest, she’s found many others who’ve been disillusioned by the church but are still looking for what’s real, beautiful, true, and good. It’s often not where we think it is.

The search is ours, and the revealing is Christ’s. It’s always a gift.

The Hope in Our Scars: Finding the Bride of Christ in the Underground of Disillusionment

Product Description:

Aimee Byrd peels back the church’s underlying and pervasive theology of power to face the shame that lurks there and find the lasting hope of belonging in Christ.

Some things happening in the church these days should provoke our anger. It’s racked with scandals of fraud, abuse, cover-up. It’s embroiled in racism, misogyny, marginalization, and hatred. The truth is that we have to fight to love Christ’s church. Many of us are left wondering what kind of hope can the church offer if its leaders will not care for its wounds, admit their complicity, and move toward true reconciliation with God’s people.

From the author of Recovering from Biblical Manhood and Womanhood comes a passionate plea to work through our disillusionment with the church and rediscover what’s true and beautiful about our covenantal union with Christ.

Having tread her own path of disillusionment, Aimee Byrd invites us to see Christ among the chaos so apparent in his church. Along the way, Aimee guides us through deeply theological and personal reflections on how we can:

  • Cultivate healthier forms of trust by recognizing power structures at work.
  • Understand the limits of authority, and free ourselves from tribes and celebrity culture.
  • Take appropriate social risks by speaking up when we’re uncomfortable.
  • Rediscover how our stories matter to God.

This book is written to those who have been wounded by the church. To those who have suffered abuse at the hands of church leaders and are left with deep scars. To those who are disillusioned or deconstructing their faith, The Hope in Our Scars offers a way forward with a God who walks with us in our affliction and wants to make it into something beautiful.

Product Details:

ISBN: 9780310157144
Publish Date: 05/07/2024
Publisher: Zondervan Reflective
Pages: 240