Facebook and Instagram are places where I count my blessings in my life and keep it mostly positive. They are regular-life posts that I’d like to see in my memories thirteen years from now.

I do have an Author Page on Facebook which I plan to do more with, and possibly use as a space to have monthly meetups to engage with readers.

“Not” Twitter is where I engage evangelical culture. It’s a box of chocolates, if you know what I mean. I make great connections on there, have found long-term friends even, partake in stimulating threads, get updated with the good, the bad, and the ugly, and put my gloves on every now and then.

Substack is where I get more personal with my story, my inner-life struggles, longings, and spiritual formation. It’s where I will engage with the books I’m reading and give more extended commentary on evangelical culture. This is also where I will share more updates about my books and promotional offers.

And then there is Threads (@aimeebyrdlife). You can follow me there to watch me awkwardly figure out that space. Will it be like a new Twitter without the trolls? Time will tell…


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