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Byrd in Your Box is a spiritual sauntering of sorts, throwing my darts as I look for solidarity in the true alternative community that makes up the followers of Jesus. In that, we don’t accept the sentimental and the curated. We name the ugly and hunt for the beautiful. As Frederick Buechner put it, we tell the truth: the gospel as tragedy, comedy, & fairy tale.

The search is ours, and the revealing is Christ’s. It’s always a gift.

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Why You Need Byrd in Your Box

Sept 4, 2023

So, what will this newsletter look like, why does it matter, what should you expect from it, and do you want to subscribe?

I’m about to publish my seventh book…

So That We are Not Imposters to Ourselves

Dec 12, 2023

Lately, I’m thinking a lot about pastors with imposter syndrome, pastors who are impostors, and the fine line in between. 

Every pastor probably battles impostor syndrome…

When There Are No Words

Jan 16, 2024

My journaling this week was taken up with grieving and wrestling over David’s ten unnamed concubines. 2 Samuel is just straight up hard for me to read…