Aimee Byrd

Inside the word. Outside the box.

Author, speaker, thinker…

Does anyone read the About page anymore?

If you are here, you probably already know that I am an author. I kind of stumbled into the gig as I found a lack of theological depth in women’s studies and resources. Much of my writing speaks to why it matters to know the true God and what hinders our growth in this in our own church culture. The opportunities I’ve been given in speaking, podcasting, and writing in different venues as I explore what it means to be a disciple of Christ in his church have expanded my insight into the blessings of Christ and the challenges his people face. This matters to me. So I continue to write.

Other things about me: I am married, and after 23 years I still really love the guy. More than that, I still really like the guy. Our three kids are getting too old, as we have only one left in high school. I think they still like us too. I treasure family and good friends, love hiking, and a good bourbon, I eat too much cheese, definitely drink too much seltzer water, have watched a good share of Dateline episodes, and I fight sleep. It’s catching up with me.

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