At my last speaking engagement, I had a Pinterest-worthy basket of goodies waiting for me in my room. I could tell that the women who put it together had researched my taste a little bit. There was a cute bag of granola by “Mama Bird,” a tin can of Jittery Joe’s coffee (The Freudian Drip), Trader Joe’s chocolate, along with some other cool stuff. And in my little mini fridge, there was a mixed six-pack of assorted drinks: iced coffee, soda, a German beer, and a hard cider.

When I rolled back into my room around 10:00 PM, after a great evening of meeting, dining with, and speaking for a wonderful group of women, I thought that beer sounded like a great way to unwind. Except there was a problem: I didn’t have a bottle-opener. But I wasn’t going to let something like that stop me. I did what every self-respecting, thirsty, determined person would do—I went to Google. There had to be some trick for opening a bottle cap. My search led me to Sure, I was at a women’s retreat, but this is where my evening was ironically ending.

As it turns out, the most popular method is to use a key to pry open the top. I thought that sounded easy enough. Except there was another problem. My husband drove me to the airport and I had a lovely woman chauffeuring me around for the retreat. I had no keys.
What to do, what to do…

I scanned my suite, wondering what MacGyver would do at a time like this. And then I remembered something awesome, even providential, that was in my gift basket: The Giving Key. That’s right, a cute little canvas bag was holding a key on a necklace chain. The word “grace” was engraved on one side, and there was a tag that read:
Give this key away to someone when they need it more than you—then blog your story at THEGIVINGKEYS.COM.

That was me! I was in need! And I was providentially given this key the very night that I needed it. I pulled out that blessed key from it’s canvas bag, and proceeded to pry open my beer like a boss. I drank that baby with a whole new sense of satisfaction. And I saved the bottle cap.

I went over to The Giving Keys website to share my story and read this:
Written Story Submissions (This is where you write your story and make us cry).

As meaningful as my story is, I’m not sure this is what they have in mind. But my story needed to be shared all the same.

*Originally published March 13, 2015.