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7 thoughts on “No Vegemite, Please

  1. Clinton says:

    Yes please! Vegemite for sure


  2. John says:

    Aimee – in your view, what are the women in Romans 16 doing that the “authority/submission” paradigm doesn’t allow for?




    1. Aimee Byrd says:

      Hi John, I have a section on this in my book, Recovering from Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.


      1. Aimee – I read the book – but apparently I have forgotten that it was in there – guess I need to go re-read!




  3. Cynthia W. says:

    Vegemite isn’t bad, especially on toast with a fried egg. The flavor reminded me of beef boullion. One of my sons was really into it for a while.


  4. drbill says:

    This short conversation sure covered a lot of substantive issues. I feel qualified to weigh in concisely enough for a comment on only one of the issues.

    Vegemite is an acquired taste; like black olives. Many Americans like black olives, because of the reformed tradition initiated by the pilgrims as detailed by a famous illustrator one Thanksgiving, who depicted a child wearing a tall black hat with a buckle, sitting in front of a harvest table with a Thansgiving feast on it, proudly displaying his hand decorated to portray a turkey, with the fingers and thumb spread apart, each appendage capped with a small black spheroid….

    I wonder whether MIke, who didn’t grow up with the American tradition, likes black olives? When you tru Vegemite, he should try black olives or some other traditional but acquired american staple!


  5. Anilu says:

    The thing with vegemite Aimee is you have to start eating as a toddler that’s how aussie kids grow up loving it 🙂 It is an aquired taste, but try it you might like it. Just try a smidgen of it on hot buttered toast with a cup of tea or coffee. We played a prank on a friend and gave her a danish pastry we told her was chocolate. She bit in and found it was vegemite and cheese quite funny – she wasn’t too mad at us cause we had a chocolate scroll ready for her.


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